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Volunteering is a way of Cobham life


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Since 2006 we have annually offered Value the Volunteer awards at the Summer Ball to in some small way thank a few club members for the fantastic work they do for the club – your club. To make it easier for those that wish to volunteer we have now set up this page to list roles that we are seeking specific help for. It will be regularly updated but to kick off the season a few choice roles are noted below. So please do your bit – or encourage others to if you know someone who might need a smidge of encouragement to do so. Without the volunteers there is no club. And, as our examples below testify, it’s really satisfying to do.


Why Volunteer - Vicky Alexander

I first started volunteering at Guildford Rugby club when I fell pregnant and found that I couldn't play any more.  The girls youth section needed a coach and I stepped in to help. I wasn't quite ready to hang up my boots!  I found that giving back to the girls gave me a sense of satisfaction that I hadn't had from my playing days.  Since then I've not looked back.  

Cobham Rugby Club have given me the opportunity of being Head of Woman and Girls rugby which means I can coach and also manage a section within the rugby club that I am really passionate about. Ladies rugby is growing strong in the UK especially after seeing England women becoming world champions in July and the development of some of those women becoming professional Rugby players.  This means that developing young girls into our future world champions, for me is really exciting and that excitement of seeing these girls who quite often come from little or no experience turn into experienced rugby players is totally rewarding.  Most rewarding of all is the smile on the girls faces when they learn something new or accomplish a new skill, to me if they are having fun - so am I.

Volunteering my time takes me away from my family but overall makes me feel good and in turn makes me a better parent and wife.  For anyone thinking about it, all I have to say is "Give it a go" what have you got to lose? I can guarantee it will make you feel good to help.



If you would like to help fund the next stage of development at The Club, please make a donation to Cobham Sports using our Gift Aid Form