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Cookie Policy

Website owners throughout the EU are required to ensure people accessing any website are aware of any use of 'Cookies'.

It means we are required to tell you

  1. What cookies are present on "Our Websites" - namely and;
  2. What those cookies are doing;
  3. The Important Bit. Ensure we are compliant in obtaining visitors' consent to store a cookie on their device

Cookies are small files that are stored on a Visitors' device and allows the website to recognise and track users. The Information Commissioner’s Office is the independent authority in the UK on this and you can read further information about their 'cookie' advice there.

1. Our Websites do not set any cookies directly.  However we do use a third party tool called 'Google Analytics' as our website reporting tool and they set cookies on our behalf, as does the operating system of the site, also to help reporting.

2. Google Analytics is free service offered by Google that generates statistics about the visitors to a website. This doesn't mean we know anything about you as an individual as the tracking is done anonymously. But you can disable this and Our Websites will continue to function although we will begin to lose the ability to learn how to improve those sites as this action will disable how our reporting software works.

3. We only use cookies to track reporting and for nothing else. By reading and closing this message, you consent to our use of cookies on Our Websites as per this policy unless you have disabled them as per instructions below.


Changing Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on lets website visitors choose not to send information about their website visit to Google Analytics from pages that use the Google Analytics Javascript (ga.js).

If you want to opt out of being tracked by Analytics, visit the Google Analytics Opt-out page and install the add-on for your browser. For more details on installing and uninstalling the add-on, please see the relevant help resources for your browser. We've provided links for a few popular browsers below:


Changing Cookie Settings in your Browser

Please visit the links below to read how to change your browser's Cookie settings for all websites or just for Our Websites. Remember if you make the changes to all websites then some of those websites functions may not continue to work.

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