Cobham Rugby

500 Club Rules

The Cobham 500 Club

The “COBHAM 500 Club” is a simple but exciting way of fundraising for Cobham Sports Association (“CSA”) with participation from all the various sections of the CSA, namely Cobham Rugby Club (“Cobham RFC”), Braemar, Netball, Tennis and Lacrosse.


It is not only a valuable source of funds for investment projects in relation to the “Old Surbitonians Memorial Grounds” and the Clubhouse at Fairmile Lane, Cobham but it also gives the members of the COBHAM 500 Club the chance of winning valuable cash prizes.


With 50% of the income generated being paid out in cash prizes the more people who join the COBHAM 500 Club the higher the prize money. If fully subscribed the total cash prizes each calendar year will amount to £15,000 and the 1st prize in the Grand Annual Draw will be in excess of £4,500.


We hope you will support this fundraising and more importantly give yourself a chance to win a cash prize. To join please complete and return both the “COBHAM 500 Club” Application Form and the Standing Order Mandate.




1. The Club will be called the “COBHAM 500 Club” and will be limited to a maximum of 500 numbers.


2. Membership of the COBHAM 500 Club is open to all members of Cobham RFC, The Braemar Club, Cobham Netball Club, Cobham Tennis Club and Cobham Lacrosse Club over the age of 16 and otherwise to all subscribers of the old “CSA 1990 Club”.


3.         The cost to participate will be £5 per number per month, payments being made by Standing Order on the first day of each calendar month.


4. The purpose of the COBHAM 500 Club is to receive funds from participating members and to re-distribute these funds between the holders of winning draw numbers and CSA investment projects. The approximate spilt will be as to 50% to prizes (“the Prize Fund”) and as to 50% to CSA investment project funding (“the Project Funds”). The Project Funds will be made over to the CSA by way of charitable donations twice per annum.


5. Members may hold multiple numbers.


6. Members may nominate another person as the beneficial holder of a number for which they are making payment but if the nominated person is under the age of 16 years, then any prizes will be paid to the member and not to the nominated person.


7. Numbers are not transferable. On cessation of a member’s participation in the COBHAM 500 Club, any numbers for which they make payments will be returned to the pool of unallocated numbers.


8. New members will the allocated number(s) from the pool of unallocated numbers. This will normally be the lowest available number first in an effort to maintain a contiguous range of numbers for each draw.


9. Prizes will be awarded by the random selection of numbers held by eligible members at the time of the draw, will be paid by cheque and will be sent by post. Winners will be announced on the Cobham RFC website.


10. All draws will be made mid-month or as soon as possible thereafter, to include all members who have paid their monthly subscription on the first day of that month.


11. Monthly Draws will be made January to November inclusive. The Monthly Draw prizes (11 times p.a.) will each consist of 1 × £100 and 1 × £50.


12. Quarterly Draws will be made in March and September. The Quarterly Draw prizes (2 times p.a.) will each consist of 1 × £1000.


13. In each calendar year after taking into account the payment of all the Monthly Draw prizes and all the Quarterly Draw prizes for that year the balance of the Prize Fund for that year will be applied towards the Grand Annual Draw (“the Grand Annual Draw Fund”).


14. The Grand Annual Draw will be made in December and will (if at all possible) be held at Cobham RFC’s annual Christmas pre-match lunch. Lunch will be provided for any winners attending in addition to their prize. The Grand Annual Draw Fund will be allocated in the following proportions:

            1st drawn number    : 40%

            2nd drawn number   : 20%

            3rd drawn number    : 20%

            4th drawn number    : 10%

            5th drawn number    : 5%

            6th drawn number    : 5%


15. For any monthly draw where more than one prize is available, then:

(a) Any individual may only win one prize; and

(b) The prizes will be drawn in descending value order (i.e. the biggest prize first).


16. Should the membership of the COBHAM 500 Club fall below 150 persons the COBHAM 500 Club may be wound up. In this situation, any payments received by the COBHAM 500 Club after the last draw and before the date of cessation of the COBHAM 500 Club will be refunded.


17. With the COBHAM 500 Club being a constituent part of Cobham RFC, the Directors for the time being of Cobham RFC will have sole responsibility for the implementation of these rules and the overall management of the COBHAM 500 Club. Cobham RFC reserves the right to change these rules, subject to giving a minimum of two (2) months’ notice to all current participants.


Richard Hornby

Hon Sec

Cobham RFC