Cobham Rugby

First Aid Volunteers

Managing the first aid and medical needs of a large rugby club can be challenging...


First Aid Volunteers (FAVs) are an essential part of ensuring Rugby is as safe as possible.


The First Aid Guide aims to cover all of the key information you may need as an FAV to successfully ensure player safety is paramount, and every player get the most from their rugby.

Click here to download the first aid guide.


Please see the AED instructions and FAV tutorials for video guides in the tab to the left.


For more information on First Aid at Cobham Rugby, please use the contacts below.


Kathryn Dawson - First Aid Coordinator


David Silver MSc BSc MCSP - Lead Physio



Rory Mee BSc MSc MCSP - First Team Physio

07754 005802


Sahra Jalali BSc MSc MCSP - Youth Team Physio

07809 201375