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Athena Physio provides Cobham Rugby's physiotherapy services. Ably led by physio's David Silver and Rory Mee, no hamstring tweak gets missed, no pain is left to fester, no spurious spasm gets left unresolved.

They specialise in:

  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation
  • Post Operative Rehabilitation
  • Sports Biomechanics & Injury Prevention
  • Work related pain
  • Peak performance coaching

David and Rory cover senior rugby training from 7pm - 9.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Saturday match cover for every game at the club and away games for the 1st and 2nd teams.

Youth and Mini rugby cover is provided on a Sunday from 10am - 2-30pm and lead by physio Sahra Jalali.

All covering staff are MCSP/BAsRaT members and are first aid/trauma management qualified.

Staff contact details can be found on the physio room door at the far end of the changing room corridor or they can often be seen as they're the ones wearing flourescent jackets around the club.

In addition, private physiotherapy and biomechanical screening appointments can be booked with the staff.

The physio's job is to help every player at Cobham perform to their best and stay injury free. Therefore if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact them.

Services are available at the Club, significantly discounted for club members to £35 (non members @ £45).

For more information fill in the contact form below or call on 07793 650569.


"David spotted a number of seemingly unrelated things that were not right about the way I walked (and ran). Video analysis helped me understand what he had spotted and after some treatment and orthotic insoles, my speed is increasing, which is great!"

Tom Bliss

"He did not do that well for me; he can't cure gout" (this direct quote says more about Spencer than anything else. David is very good at what he does but some people are simply beyond help)

Spencer Franks

"Over the last year or so I have used Dave Silver for long standing knee and back injuries sustained during my illustrious career at CRFC many years ago ! I have found that Dave is extremely knowledgeable and explains everything. He has been outstanding working through where I had acute pain, in getting me moving again, and also devising preventative programmes for the future. I would certainly recommend him to anyone."

Andy Harburn

"David has treated both of my Cobham Rugby playing sons for various ailments over the last couple of years. Their injuries ranged from a bad injury to a knee from a hard tackle, shoulder problems from playing tennis and leg pain caused by poor gait. In all cases, David was careful to fully understand how the injury was incurred and explore the symptoms before reaching a conclusion as to what the problem was and how best to treat it. He is very good at explaining things to the patients so they understand what they need to do and why and he has a lot of credibility with them so they do pay attention to his advice. I have also witnessed David treating other Senior players for injuries incurred during matches and there is no doubt in my mind that he is provides a very valuable service for the club."

Sean Macdonald

"Following a significant tear to my Achilles tendon, David effectively managed my injury and significantly shortened the rehabilitation period. From arranging the necessary scans to assess the extent of the injury, to providing further clinical assessment and a range of of manual and technical therapies, David showed his professional capabilities and enthusiasm for his work - I can thoroughly recommend David and his support team."

Gus Darroch-Warren

"After a rather inebriated conversation with the David following the National U17 Finals I still managed to find his number to contact him for a consultation regarding Gareth's troublesome hamstrings. Within the consultation David established that Gareth needed to see a podiatrist to adjust his gait, as this is the root cause of his hamstring problem. The combination of orthotics and weekly support through an effective programme of physiotherapy and exercise, David has achieved where other physios and orthopaedic consultants have failed. Gareth is motivated to follow the programme to the letter, and values his weekly appointment as the most important part of his pre-season rehabilitation and fitness training. As a result of this experience I recommend that club members make the most of David's physiotherapy, he knows rugby and he knows how to get the best out of the boys when they are injured.

Sue Mumford